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Donations Room(s)

Updated at September 03, 2021

Thankfully, the Fiber Department receives donations by individuals, students, alumni, and businesses every semester. These donations can range from scraps of fabrics, bolts of 50+ yards, to a variety of yarns, dyed and un-dyed, synthetic and natural fibers, foam, bamboo reed and a variety of other materials. Donations are mostly in the Station Building room s205 underneath the large work tables, alongside the wall and in white bins labeled "Donations".  Please feel free to take as much material as you need as this is for YOU! We only ask that before and after looking through the donations that you wash your hands and place everything neatly back where it was found.

s206: Assorted Yarn donations (white donation bins near dye kitchen)

s205: Under Armor Fabric Bolts and assorted Fabric donations (along back wall, underneath work tables and in white donation bins)

s204A: Overflow of donations

Thank you to everyone who donates and we can't wait to see these materials have a new life!