Graphic Design Seniors

Fumi Omori, class of 2015

August 14, 2017


The Project

Kikokushijo, is a term that is used in Japan to refer those who have experienced English and Japanese culture. They build relationships to all cultures, while not having strong attachment to Japanese culture. This project is an exploration of the disciplines of design, communication, and cultural philosophy transforming the intangible concept of cross-cultural experience, global nomadicity, and mobility into tangible pieces of visual communication.



fumi's Advice

1. Your goal of thesis should be very clear. Make sure to learn something out of it. This is a great opportunity to explore your interests using design as a tool.

2. Don’t spend too much time on your research and generating ideas/concepts. You have to manage your time well, so I recommend simplifying your topic until you can’t. Trust me, it will help your project to communicate better.

3. Don’t stress out about making thesis the “best” project of your MICA years. It will eventually evolve itself to be so.

4. Present something tangible to every class, which significantly helps to develop your work. Critiques are too important and you should take advantage of them.

5. Enjoy and be ambitious! And at times, don’t forget to sleep!



Fumi is currently a designer at Sagmeister & Walsh in New York city.
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