Graphic Design Seniors


The senior self-directed project (senior project) is an independent project in design studies that requires the development of a body of work in consultation with faculty and peers. The project has four components, all of which must be met to receive credit for the course and which will engage students in this rewarding process.



• To investigate a subject relevant to graphic design studies that is theoretical (studies of form, color, systems, semiotics, design methods, visual advocacy, technology, etc.) or practical (the solving of a visual communications problem of your thinking)

• To concentrate on a process of conceptual visual search, with extensive visual experimentation and research

• To perform and execute all aspects of the project with professional quality (problem identification, articulation of ideas, project management, identifying and securing resources, presentation of developing stages, final production and craft)



1. Design brief
Before the project begins, a design brief is developed to outline problem objectives, deadlines for all components, and bibliography/resources. This will be developed in fall of your senior year, and must be approved before you begin work. Students enrolled in Senior Seminar will submit draft briefs in early December; final briefs will be in Advanced Design 2.

2. Body of work
The conceptual and visual search must culminate in a body of professional-quality work. This work is achieved in Advanced Design 2, spring of your senior year.

3. Documentation
The project should be documented for the department. The professor should receive a copy of your proposal, and documentation of your work in the form of high resolution (300 dpi) jpeg, pdf, or quicktime files which they will collect onto a flash drive or have you upload around mid-April

4. Presentation or exhibition (up for discussion among group!)
Your work will be shared publicly as decided by your peers and faculty.