Graphic Design Seniors

Lauren Siminski and Faridah Adam, both class of 2016

August 14, 2017


The Project

Koru is a card game that promotes the discussion of mental health in a light-hearted, fun, non-judgmental environment. The card prompts lead players through the stressors and hassles of everyday life, taking everyone through phases of self analysis, reflection, empathy, connection, support, and—of course—struggles!

Koru is all about storytelling and struggling. It’s crazy how much you can get to know the people around you—the best and worst of them—through telling stories. This is how we bond as human beings: we admit and we relate.



The idea is to struggle openly. The more a player struggles, the further they advance in the game. Being able to share, relate, and assist gives players the upper hand and adds to the larger narrative.

The goal of the game is for each player to achieve a new sense of self; to come together and grow stronger as a community by admitting our personal stories and struggling together.after all this was a graphic design degree.



lauren and faridah's Advice

1. It’s okay to stress about thesis. It’s okay to NOT stress about thesis.

2. You can go into thesis with a VERY broad idea of what you want to do and still get it done successfully. As time goes on, you’ll be able to narrow your thoughts down and know exactly what you want to do. 

3. Do not wait until the last minute to plan your exhibition. Do NOT wait until the last minute to plan your exhibition. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO PLAN YOUR EXHIBITION. This SHOULD NOT be an after-thought.

4. Work the rest your schedule around your project. By trying to plan your schedule with classes relevant to the subject or medium of your project, you can save a lot of labor and even learn more because you’ll be making different types of associations with your content.

4. Let your degree work for you! Don’t be afraid to let your other professors in on what you’re doing. Chances are you may be able create content that you wouldn’t have been able to otherwise!



Lauren is a web designer working in the DC metro area.
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Faridah is the administrative assistant at MICA in the Graphic Design department.
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