Graphic Design Seniors

Jessica Wen, class of 2014

August 14, 2017

The Project

i2 (information for internationals) is a visual kit that serves as a reference tool for incoming international students. It provides an inside view of the MICA community in order to help these students transition from their native culture to the American campus culture.

The final deliverables include printed posters and an interactive application. The design emphasizes infographics and illustrations, to help orient students whose first language may not be English. For content, I turned to the statistics on the MICA portal, and conducted a survey for international students on campus. The color palette was chosen based on the MICA campus architectural elements to purposely create a cohesive visual experience for the viewers.

Design can be used to improve life’s experiences. As an international student myself, I see the i2 project as a good opportunity to share some of my experiences with fellow international students here at MICA.



jessica's advice

1. Know what interests you:
Understand which topic areas spark your interests. Working on something that you feel strong about can really motivate you through out the process.

2. It’s okay to change ideas:
Your final thesis display will most likely be different from your initial proposal— and, that is totally acceptable (and expected). 

3. Concept over vehicle (yessssssss):
Having a solid concept is far more important than strictly focusing on ‘what the deliverables are’ (website, publication, app, print collateral...Etc). You find your ‘gem’ of your concept, and other things will unfold naturally. 

4. Take risks (maybe):
Consider approaching the project with a fresh perspective. Try something you have never done before during your mica career; experiment with a new software program, or new visual style.

5. Help each other during installation:
The more you give the more you receive! Everyone is stressed out during the final stretch, however, it is extremely rewarding to help each other during the process— great team building experience too.



Jessica is currently in graduate school in California after working at verynice studio in New York.
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