Graphic Design Seniors

Jessica White Williams, class of 2010

August 14, 2017


the project

In sophomore year at MICA I developed an interest in interior and product design. As a Graphic Design major, I was unsure at the time how I could tie the two together. I declared a minor in Environmental Design, took many courses, and interned with top designers in the field. I wanted my senior thesis project to pay homage to my diverse journey at MICA and reflect the combination.

 My project first began by selecting twelve of my closest friends and family. In order for me to create a ‘space’ for each person, I needed to break down their personality, style, and how I envision their dream room.

I was surprised to find this task more difficult then I imagined. The process made me realize the project was less about ‘shopping’ for furniture and accessories and more about my relationship with the individuals. Although my original thought was to create dimensional spaces, time and resources told me working on paper would be more appropriate. Each style sheet is uniquely created with no repetitive objects or ‘wall color’ and is printed on 8.5” x 11” Epson Enhanced Matte paper. I have found much joy in my style sheets, that I continue to design them today post graduation.



jessica's advice

1. Be open to feedback and new ideas from your professors, peers, and friends.

2. Be vocal during critiques. The more you help your peers come up with ideas, the more likely they will return the favor.

3. DO NOT wait until the last moment to print/laser cut your materials. You will be disappointed when the line is out the door. Make friends with a print technician or have a back up plan.



After working for Jonathan Adler and Nate Berkus, Jessica went back to graduate school to pursue interior design.
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