Graphic Design Seniors

Fah Komoltkiti and Asama Sangiam, class of 2017

August 14, 2017


the project

Our project focused on exploring the problem of child verbal abuse, an ongoing exploitation that camouflages itself with goodwill. Conscious love” is an online course that provides new parents with a better understanding of the impacts of verbal abuse, and alternatives for a better communication. It also prepares students to choose their words carefully in stressful situations, and provides tip on positive parenting. 



In addition to the online course, the Bonding Box serves as an extension from the online chapters. It includes items such as a parenting journal, flipcards for alternative phrases, and must-know facts about verbal abuse. At the exhibition, provocative questions on the wall were used to frame the overall idea of the project.



fah and asama's advice

1. Working with topics that you value really gives you the drive to push it forward (even towards the end of the semester when you’re so worn out) 

2. A group project? State the responsibility of each person right at the beginning of the project (a ‘who do what and the soft deadline’). This will help you equally divide the work amount between group members.

3. There might be times when the teamwork becomes bitter. That’s normal. Again, your passion for the project will eventually conquer those bitter times. Keep in mind, respect and listen. :)

4. Show your project to the outsiders! People from internships, from work, etc. You definitely will get good advice or interesting reactions from them.