Graphic Design Seniors

Alec Cerminaro, class of 2018

September 13, 2018


the project

History allows us to fully understand the shape of the present-day. Timelines are familiar forms of visual representation that help us understand our conception of history as a coherent, chronological narrative; rather, timelines represent the stories that came before us. Gay is Good is a timeline featuring a custom display typeface to demonstrate an in-depth study of LGBT history, a significant topic that has an extensive past, yet is still relevant today. The challenge was to create an engaging context and establish a visual language that humanizes the content.



Utilizing provocative statements that have been verbalized throughout time, the timeline acts as both a type specimen and a visual fortitude illustrating how the history’s language, culture, and tone of voice has evolved. The typography is tight and the individual characters tile together to form a structurally-sound totem. The font, appropriately called QUEER SLAB, visually echoes the strength, resilience, and spirit of the LGBT community. Queer Slab is based off reverse-contrast "Italian" type, a typographic style that was not widely accepted upon its release due to its unconventional visual appearance and departure from the norm. This typographic reference emerged as a direct conceptual construct relating to the study and analysis of LGBT history.




Although the history is not exhibited in its entirety, the form itself honors the subject matter’s evidenced milestones and embodies the LGBT community’s tenacity and persistence. The developed elements of this manifestation serve as an impetus to extend bodies of work to follow.



alec's advice

Find your passion project.
Choose to design something that revolves around something you are extremely interested in. If you enjoy the content you are working with, it will make the project more rewarding and enjoyable. This semester-long project will allow you the opportunity to learn more about the content you choose to further explore.

Utilize the Decker Library for gathering inspiration. 

Step outside of your comfort zone.
Possess a playful attitude when approaching your design work by taking bold design risks and experimenting with form and media: learn a new tool, explore other design disciplines and industry domains, incorporate both digital and analog processes.