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Clifford Patterson, class of 2018

September 13, 2018


the project

Independent restaurants are artistic in nature because they require chefs to perfect their culinary craft, and they inspire fresh reactions from customers, arousing new topics of conversation for the public. The job of a chef is not simply to create palatable dishes for consumption, but to create stories for customers to interpret. Chefs utilize visual and sensory elements to narrate a personal narrative was effectively conveyed. My thesis project Full Course revolved around the idea of food communicating a story. Because the concept of food varies in people’s interpretation of it, I limited by exploration to two chefs, Damian Mosley and Edna Lewis.



I collected dat, recorded conversations, and created videos to better understand each chef's perception of food. In response to my research, I created an interactive dinner table utilizing the elements of sight, sound, smell and touch. Each end of the table focused on a unique story in order to bring the audience closer to each chef's interpretation of food. 



CLIFF's advice

Get as much feedback as possible (Even the feedback you think is not helpful). Looking at your thesis topic in different perspectives may give you ideas you originally did not see.

Spend thirty minutes to an hour creating a schedule for when things should be done. If you stay with your plan, you should not feel stressed when due dates come.

Choose a topic you would enjoy, and can hold your interest for a long period of time. Having a topic you like makes it easier to to work on the process.