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Reyna Clarissa, class of 2018

September 13, 2018


the project

How can personal everyday objects provide a medium for human interactions? PLEAT is a conceptual store with multi-functional and modular products, combining eating and playing, turning from personal to communal objects. The project is an attempt to tackle the culture of disposables, planned obsolescence and surface aesthetics. 



This project was my medium to design critically, experiment aesthetically and communicate effectively. I was inspired by textbooks, personal essays, social issues, my current interests, conversations with other people and many more. When presenting PLEAT, I considered all sides of the project including the commercial aspect, the speculative quality of it and the playful part of it.


Reyna's advice

Iterate as you go; let the process shape your project.

Always share your doubts, problems and unrefined ideas.

Remind yourself that we all have different working habits and time management skills.

Practice talking about your project to people outside the department, friends and family.

Let go of ideas that are not working.

Craft your presentations well. Simple and straightforward is good.

It's ok if your thesis project is not the star of the semester.

Being stuck is healthy!