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Mikea Hugley, Class of 2019

July 30, 2019


Footwear has always been a passion of mine from how they feel, the boost of confidence i get when rocking a new pair and the comfort that they provide. Nonetheless, I have always had a passion for the homeless community. During my time at MICA I challenged myself to make my projects about someone else and not myself.  To incorporate the many different social issues that plague our city, Baltimore. One of them being homelessness. As I researched the needs of the homeless community one of the major health setbacks are footcare. According to US National Library of Medicine compared to housed individuals...homeless individuals were more likely to have foot problems including tinea pedis, foot pain, functional limitations with walking, and improperly-fitting shoes.

My thesis provided me the opportunity to develop and focus on my passion while incorporating my passion for the homeless. I begin to interview a few people including an organization here in Baltimore, and also a few people from the community themselves. That information helped me to develop a better product for the communtiy. The sneaker consists of a sock and a sole. The sock can be swapped out for a cleaner one, a newer color or even a ligther feel without having to purchase an entire new shoe. The shoe can also function as a slide without a sock "interchangable". The design allows the foot to breathe, and the sock to be washed and swapped out. My process for developing the prototype shoe was first sketching out the concspts, cuttng and sewing the sock and 3D printing the sole. I plan to make the sneaker assessible to everyone, while donating a pair to the homeless, everytime one is purchased. 


1. Keep creating, even when you come up with a good idea. 

2. Explore other perspectives within your projects. 

3. Always ask for assistance and connect with someone outside of your departement

4. Help someone else

5. Take care of self