Graphic Design Seniors

Lauren Burleigh, class of 2016

July 29, 2017


The project

I came up with the idea for my thesis project while on my way back to Baltimore after visiting a friend in NYC for the weekend. We had just officially been assigned the task of bringing in three ideas for thesis and I had very few ideas. I thought about how great it would be to teleport instead of sitting on the Bolt bus for 4 hours and thus my thesis was born. For my thesis project I branded the experience of teleportation for the future.



I decided to explore the idea of teleportation because it had so many different conceptual elements to explore. Future design, transportation design and experience design. I had never really designed for any of these things before, which is also why I chose to do so for my last student project. I wanted to work outside of my comfort zone and push myself as a designer.

My goals for this project were to create an entire concept and cohesive branding for teleportation, use a gender neutral color palette, and create an icon set that was primarily in motion but also worked as static icons in print scenarios. However my ultimate goal was of course to teleport.


Lauren's advice

1. Don’t wait until you get assigned to bring in project ideas to think up possible directions for your thesis. It worked for me but I wouldn’t recommend it. 

2. Pick a project that is at least slightly out of your comfort zone. It will really help you to grow and think differently as a designer. However you should still be creating a project that is of interest to you otherwise it will counteract your growth.

3. Don’t worry about failing or not creating your best project or not having enough for the thesis show.

4. Don’t get too caught up in the thesis show. This is just another project that just happens to be going in a three day show that your parents will adore.


Lauren is designing in New Jersey.
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