Graphic Design Seniors

Lily Clark & Tristan Scow, class of 2015

August 02, 2017


the project

The two designers share an interest in shaping meditative, playful environments through objects that both produce and manipulate light. Their debut collection, Flicker Tonic, relies on a viewer to complete each object through careful, sustained looking. The collaborative project spanned graphic design, product design, and haptic technology. 



Lily & Tristian's advice

1. Start making as soon as possible. Research and inspiration are important, but the sooner you make something the sooner you can start improving it.

2. Be able to describe your project to someone who is not a graphic designer in a way that will still make them excited about the project.

3. Always think about how the work will be presented.

4. Sometimes the most rewarding projects seem the most terrifying 
   (taking on a challenge usually pays off).

5. Explore other disciplines and topics unrelated to graphic design. Combining passions leads to unexpected solutions and interesting work.



Lily is currently working in New York. 
See more of their work at


Tristan is currently working in Berlin.
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