Graphic Design Seniors

Huong Le, class of 2011

August 07, 2017


the project

When thinking about what my interests were senior year, I knew I wanted to create a project that merged graphic design, bookbinding, and letterpress printing. It was also an opportunity to showcase my research and writing skills to develop my own content.



It was important to me that the project could have a life of its own when I was done with it. This led me to writing Bookmaking for Designers, a guide on bookbinding, printing techniques, and paper selection that future students could use as a resource. This book is unique because it comes from the voice of a design student and is written with designers in mind.

This process allowed me to relearned things I had forgotten and share what I have learned with others. I have future goals to eventually creating a website that would sell letter pressed copies of the book, as well as make it available for download.



huong's advice

1. This is an opportunity for you to create more than just a project. Take the time to discover your process and what you want to  say as a designer.

2. Once you have your concept down, having the deliverables in mind from the beginning will help you time manage and eliminate components that aren’t essential.

3. Think about what your passions are and let the ideas stem from something you care about. 



Huong is currently a user experience designer in San Francisco. Copies of her book are available in the office. 
See more of her work at