Graphic Design Seniors

Hesuh Park, class of 2015

August 14, 2017


The Project

What Hesuh Eats was the title and subject of my degree project. I explored personal narrative through the subject of food. I created process-driven illustrations to depict what I ate everyday. Every single food and drink consumed in the time span was documented and included in my project.


The goal of this project was to contextualize my personal background and identity, my environment and current events. I wanted to have fun, and create a self expressive piece with no specific client. I wanted to create an series of drawings built over time that aggregate into an installation that viewers can enjoy.



hesuh's Advice

1. Keep it simple. Simple ideas with complex execution lead to great projects.

2. Figure out your main goal. Do you want an amazing portfolio piece in editorial/web/etc? Or do you want to inform the MICA community? Or do you just want to have fun? All are acceptable, but remember this is your last shot to represent who you are.

3. Also remember this is your last year in art school, which is quite different from the professional world. Use this creative freedom in your thesis. You can do anything you want. ANYTHING.

4. Have fun! Take it easy. Senior year is tough only because of personal motivation. Don’t sweat it, you’ll do great.


Hesuh is currently a designer at Forbes in New York city.
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