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Ryan Harvey- On the Intersections of Art, Activism, & Journalism: Why Our Stories Matter

April 4, 2017
7:00PM - 9:00PM
MICA Place 814 Collington Ave. Baltimore, MD 21205

Ryan is an international artist whose perfomrances are part sotry-telling, part song, and part stand-up political comedy. Speaking in his own voice, he presents kaleidoscopic narratives of modern social movements, political history, and personal stories aimed at moving the listener to question, act, and self-reflect on serious issues effecting the world today. Ryan also regularly lectures at universities on music, social change, adn political activism, and his journalism is featured regularly in publications like The Nation, Truth-Out, TeleSUR English, and other online journals. 

This event is supported by the MFA in Community Arts Program's POWER Series and MICA Making Democracy.