Communications Toolkit

Identity System

January 30, 2018

MICA’s identity system consists of two elements: a logo and a signature.  The above configuration that combines the logo and signature in a defined relationship is referred to as a lock-up


The logo is the core expression of the identity and typographic identifier of the institution. The logo may be used independently. 


The signature is the full name of the institution. The signature can be used independently; however, the logo should be used in proximity.

Download the logo, lock-up and signature files.

Contact us if you plan to use MICA's identity system either very small or very large and we'll give you the right files for the job.


Integrity of the logo and lock-ups

The logo and lock-ups, elements of the official brand of MICA, should be used with the utmost consistency and integrity. Only the supplied logo and lock-up files should be used. The logo and lock-ups should never be tweaked, manipulated, used at sizes below minimum allowances or rendered in colors other than brand colors. 


Do not typeset any part of the Logo or Lock-ups.

Never reinterpret, redraw or reinvent the logo or lock-ups.

Do not outline the Logo or Lock-ups.

Never add a box or a shape to the logo or lock-ups.