Project Space

Bodily Constructs
Co-Curated by Hannah Davis, Ashley He, Tracey Jen, Eva Sailly, and Minwen Wang

March 29-April 12, 2019 
Opening Reception: Friday, March 29 (5-8pm)
Pilot Primer Demo | The Fox Building | 3100 Falls Rd, Baltimore, MD 21211 

Featured Artists
Lennon Michalski
Yoshiaka Nakamura
Amy Wetsch

Bodily Constructs explores the relationship between scientific discovery, medical advancement, and the human condition. Through the works of Amy Wetsch, Lennon Michalski, and Yoshiaki Nakamura, this exhibition provides an immersive investigation into the internal and external fragility of the human body. In placing emphasis on scientific and medical investigation, experimentation, and discovery, not only have humans been able to live with impairments, survive major surgeries, and even eradicate diseases, they have also been confronted with the reality of human life, death, and decay. Our bodies do not always respond in ways that we can understand, and even in discovery, we are confronted with uncertainty. 

About the Artists
Lennon Michalski is fascinated by the quick merging of our society’s culture and technology, through the recent advancements of science. His work reflects society’s attempts to evolve through medical and technological discovery and innovation. Michalski’s imagery conveys a world where the line between organic and machine has become blurred, giving birth to factual situations integrating technology and the human form where the characteristics of the two are indistinguishable. His work narrates the common struggles we have with the limited and fragile design of a human body. The work displayed in, Bodily Constructs, explores the work that scientists and innovators produce, through bioengineering, that capitalizes on replacing or repairing a damaged human design.
Featured WorkMistakes Making Traits, Water-based pigment and medium on canvas, 2019

Yoshiaki Nakamura graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2015 with a degree in Japanese Painting. His practice is largely related to his loss of hearing in the year 2000. He received a Cochlea Implant
in 2012 that led to a complete change in his visual, audio, and temporal perception. Nakamura describes this shift as a transition from a two- dimensional, monochromatic, soundless world to a blended, two and three-dimensional world with vibrant colors and sound. In his work, he explores the borders and limits of communication between disabled and non-disabled people. The work displayed in, Bodily Constructs, seeks to find ways for people to overcome their discomfort with others that they perceive to be different by creating mutual understanding.
Featured WorkSound Creature, Fabric, iron sticks, metal garbage, oil painting, water, bicycle materials, gear machines, 2019

Amy Wetsch explores ideas of the internal and external struggles of the human body. Her process is a visual investigation of her personal experiences, research, and fascination regarding the misdirected inclinations of the body. She investigates how her immune response is to attack itself and the mystery within. In her work, Wetsch also questions the intentions and results of modern day medicines and treatments and our reliance upon them as a society. The work displayed in, Bodily Constructs, depicts symbolic shapes and forms that are invented through looking at microscopic imaging, invasive species, medical machines, and through observing the interconnectivity of systems that surround us. Wetsch was selected as a Sackler Fellow to exhibit at the National Academy of Sciences and was selected as a Hopkins/MICA Extreme Arts Participant.
Featured WorksFresh Nap, suction sealed bags, mixed media, 2018; Taste Buds, gauze, moss, medicine cups, IV tubes, mulch, lotus pods, glue, lights, paint, ornaments, gardening hose, reflectors, 2018; Case Study, wire, paper maché, medical bandage, expanded foam, examination gloves, pills, pill packaging, electrodes, gauze, wire, glue, wax, paint, tacks, 2017


Spiral Bound Book Fair 
Organized by Allie Linn, Eva Sailly, and Nathalie von Veh 

November 18, 2018 (11am-6pm)
Pilot Primer Demo
3100 Falls Rd, Baltimore, MD 21211 

Participating Artists & Presses:
Adam Griffiths
Artist Mother Studio
Alanna Reeves/HUE
Athena Naylor
Carmen Johns
GenderFail Press
Hair Club
The Menial Collection
MFA Illustration Practice at MICA
Owlcheek Studios
Pellinore Press
Press Press
Priyanka Kumar
I'm Sorry Press/Lenora Yerkes
Ink Press Productions
Queerintuition Tarot

Public Programs:
The Menial Collection presents Bibliodérives
For the occasion of the inaugural SBBF, The Menial Collection chose a selection of bibliodérives from SAIC's program of the same name. They act as a toolkit, an unordered set of directives, instructions, or scores intended to help guide you through a collection of books and encourage collaborative learning and engagement. For the duration of the fair, visitors were invited to come play in a small version of the library.

HAIR CLUB presents The Merkin Making Workshop!
HAIR CLUB invited participants to make merkins together out of craft materials while discussing the history of merkins as well as issues related to body hair in gender and politics. 

Xerox Party
Designer/curators Katie Mancher and Joshua Gamma provided various materials + tips n’ tricks for making analog fliers and zines. This Xerox Party workshop was a preview for an exhibition and series of workshops led by graphic designer Jerome Harris during the last two weeks of January 2019.

Special thanks for project support from Curatorial Practice MFA at MICA, MICA Center for Student Engagement, and Current Space.