Book Arts Minor

Book Arts has grown from its abstruse start with a handful of practitioners, to a field with thousands of artists, a wide audience, and a developing K-12 curriculum.

MICA's Book Arts Minor is an interdisciplinary framework that allows students an opportunity to study the complexities of the book as a material object and conveyor of artistic meaning.

The Minor recognizes those students majoring in all areas who have completed a total of 15 credits as prescribed by the Minor guidelines. Book Arts is an interdisciplinary minor which  compliments and shares courses from many departments and provides a unique opportunity to broaden and select a course of study within the context of book studies. Students receive acknowledgment on their MICA transcript after completing the Minor. Students wishing to declare the minor should do so in their sophomore year or Junior year, working with the Director of the Minor and their MICA advisor on planning course selections. After graduation, students with a book minor can continue seeking advanced degrees in library science, conservation, museum studies, and digital publication. A simple grouping of courses fulfills the criteria in the following manner.  BOOK ARTS MINOR CURRICULUM

Book Arts Minor Faculty

Director Book Minor

Gail Deery, contact:


Additional Faculty

Jay Gould  

Stephanie Garmey 

Ursula Minervini 


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