Intro to GFA Stays-at-Home


Introduction to General Fine Arts (aka "Intro to GFA") is a course designed to help students explore their artistic vision and begin to construct their own version of the General Fine Arts major.  New GFA majors are assisted in forging a personal approach to visual exploration and expression.  In this class (and as GFA majors), students have the ability to work in virtually any media.

Each semester, the Intro to GFA class culminates with a Pop-Up Exhibition where students curate and present their strongest work.  With the unexpected transition to remote classes midway through the spring semester due to the COVID-19 virus, we were left to determine another means to share the students' work for this class in a meaningful way; hence the creation of this site. 

All of these students faced challenges due to this transition, from shifting their art practices so they could work at home or taking on full-time jobs in addition to their classes, to suddenly traveling back to their home cities/countries or being stuck in Baltimore unable to return home.  Each of these students were without access to many of the materials, tools, and facilities they generally use to make their work, but they adapted their plans and forged ahead, continuing to build a body of work that represents their artistic vision.  

Andrea Evans
Faculty, Drawing + General Fine Arts Department 
MAY 2020



Kara Bohleman

Lizzie Bonsal

Wednesday Childs

Danielle Kunkel

Diego Laslo-Soza

Nikki Ni

Kai Rothkopf

Talia Skyles

Grey Stewart

Wuci Yang

Pluto Yao

Yiting Zhou