Intro to GFA Stays-at-Home

Nikki Ni

General Fine Arts Major

Nikki Ni, Chaos, 2020.



The drawing “Chaos” is filled buildings and creatures, shown with a very compacted and busy picture. I am surprisingly patient with this kind of detailed drawing, and I have done similar drawing before. I was very pleased by the finished product, so I decided to make another drawing like that. Drawing various sizes of buildings and in the middle, there is the Shanghai Pearl Tower, where I grew up. Houses on the left side of the tower give the view of old Shanghai in the 90s. On the right side, I created a futuristic and Sci-Fi looking city, which indicates the fantasy imaginations of the future when I was younger. To make the whole drawing more unreal, I added an enormous octopus and other monsters within the drawing. The final product appears a very chaotic but organized image of the past and future of my childhood.


Nikki Ni, Details of Chaos, 2020.