Intro to GFA Stays-at-Home

Wuci Yang

General Fine Arts Major


Moving often will weaken one's feelings about home, I am essentially a person who does not like moving around. When I moved at the age of five, I was holding a big broken cardboard box with toys and letting go and crying. Going to the same restaurant for many years will remember and sit back. I moved seven times, thats a lot for my age, I know that my adaptability is very strong, which is the inevitable result of frequent changes of places. Every time when I am moving, the newly established attachment to the city and the feelings for people slowly fade away as they leave. This is the last feeling of leaving nothing, so there is no such thing as "own home" nor "childhood-friend" or "ten-year old friend" very warm words in my memory. Not have a complete network of relationships. No matter how good my friends are, I only know a short period of time in my life and only understand my life for a few years. No friend sees my growth process. I know a few people everywhere, and those people only know a little bit of me.

This is the album and journey about my experience, about how I was build-up, this is the process of how I was shaped. Moving is not a direct or fundamental cause of my pessimistic view of the world. Moving is just an apparent feature of my family environment. Merchants should prioritize separation, and parents should give their children a sense of security and belonging, which all need a stable residence to achieve. But it does not mean that with a fixed house, there must be a sense of security and belonging. I still like traveling, I like the experience moving around. I hate living in a place for a long time, indulging in the freshness of moving, don't feel where I belong and are braver about the uncertain future.