Intro to GFA Stays-at-Home

Yiting Zhou

General Fine Arts Major

Yiting Zhou, Page From Heaven on Earth, digital photo book (21 pages), size variable, 2020


My works investigate disappearance and memory. I create narratives in various media, using space to emphasize the absence of a subject. In my work, I take a micro perspective, focusing on the details of a place or object in order to represent the feeling of the whole. Recently, my work has been following the themes of traces and commemoration. I try to avoid depicting forms to convey my emotions, but rather create an atmosphere that is representative of my feelings about a form. The details I chose to capture in images subtly convey emotions, triggering people’s imagination of a specific place and culture. The shadow of trees on windows can cause viewers to imagine the garden itself. Memories of people can be recalled by seeing familiar sights we associate with them. A thing reminds us of its owner, and objects and places become proxies of the actual person. In an animation about the long journey to visit a person, I depict blurry landscapes rather than figures and use sound from nature rather than human beings on purpose to highlight the fading of memory.


Yiting Zhou, Pages From Heaven on Earth, digital photo book (21 pages), size variable, 2020