Intro to GFA Stays-at-Home

Lizzie Bonsal

General Fine Arts Major

Lizzie Bonsal, Pages from Digital Book, 2020


I was extremely lucky to be raised in a happy home, with both a mom and a dad and two siblings with whom I get along with very well. My family means everything to me. They are the reason why I am the loving and kind person I am today. This year, my family considered moving for the first time in fifteen years. This prompted me to think a lot about the past -- more specifically, my past. I’ve never been one to make personal art, preferring to make art for others, but I found myself wanting, for the first time, to make something by me and for me. I decided to explore the idea of “home” and what that means to me. This new direction in my work started with a ceramic piece reflecting on how I felt about the possible move. It has continued into this rhyming children’s book through means of illustration and poetry. With bright colors and warm imagery, I encapsulate my childhood and a sense of nostalgia that I hope my audience will be able to connect with as well. This piece is a love letter to my family, and the sweet country house they raised me in.

Lizzie Bonsal, digital book, 2020.