Drawing for Thinking & Making: At Home Edition


The course Drawing for Thinking & Making focuses on the creative and practical uses of drawing to support the development and production of interdisciplinary 3-D work.  Traditionally, the class concludes each semester with an on-campus exhibition that places equal emphasis on process and product, providing insight into the evolution of an artwork from preliminary concept drawing to the final piece.

This semester, however, was unlike any other.  With the closure of MICA's campus over spring break and the transition to online classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, previous plans had to be scrapped and new adaptations took their place.  Rather than designing a work with the intent to exhibit it in the Fox 2 Gallery, students instead fabricated an artwork to be installed or exhibited wherever they were staying.  Without access to the range of facilities and materials they would typically use, students evolved their ideas based on the limitations and possibilities of what they had at hand.  They were resourceful and nimble, and in many cases, made work that reflected the very circumstances that surrounded them.

This website serves as a virtual exhibition of these students' work.  Remaining true to the goals of Drawing for Thinking & Making, concept drawings, notational sketches, Rhino renderings, and preliminary studies are shared here alongside the final form of each artwork.  

MAY 2020

Participating Artists:


Susan Alvarez

Risa Benedyk

Gia Lee Biscione

Riley Cox

Joshua Frick

Kalina Gac

Em Goheen

Anna Ruff

Zoe Schweiger

Moriah Smith

Kobe Sullivan

Vinutha Venkatesh

Sam Wilson