Drawing for Thinking & Making: At Home Edition

Gia Lee Biscione

5/02/2020: Wish You Were Here 

Interdisciplinary Sculpture Major / Painting Concentration / Cultural & Political Studies Minor / MICA '22


Please enjoy the video piece here: 

Initial planning for the setup of the space on the roof:

 Translated ideas into rhino and taking measurements
Rhino Rendering of the final plan



Gia Lee Biscione

5/2/20: Wish You Were Here

Human relationships with domesticity, object portraiture, and individual symbolism are all topics that resonate heavily within the work of Gia Lee Biscione. She seeks out found materials to implement into her sculptural forms to highlight the richness of their previous lives in new moments that beg for personal reflection from the viewer.

After being away from her hometown and family during quarantine, Gia has created a night that attempts to document the lives of the people with whom she has been staying. Some of their furniture had been embellished with flares of her housemates’ style’s, and her own, and brought up the fire escape to set the scene for dinner. Through her time, she has found solace on the roof and this action is representative of the ways she has been adjusting to their space while valuing her own comforts as well. The conclusion then is a night made for those present that will only happen then and is only made possible under these once-in-a-lifetime conditions.

Photo & video documentation, 2 chairs, 1 table, 1 rug, 3 tie-dye shirts, 1 found train construction worker's jacket, 1 pink lamp, 2 orders of chicken wings, 1 order of fries, 2 orders of sushi, 3 IPAs, 1 Ginger Beer soda, acrylic, latex, yarn, and some cameras. 

Original duration 1:13:58 / Edited 14:26


Audio Sampled:

- In My Room (Installation Loop) by Swampy

- Dreddy Kyle Jam #1 by Tracey Trance

- Dreddy Kyle Jam #2 by Tracey Trance

- Visiting Tampa by Tracey Trance

- Spray Crew (I Wanna Paint Sum Too) by Tracey Trance


Video Documentation:



Photo documentation by chronological order,  6:43 P.M. -  8:34 P.M.     Baltimore, Maryland.